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Heavy industry famille rose porcelain is the crown of overglaze color, enjoying the title of "emperor in porcelain".



Since the birth of Ming Dynasty, famille rose has always been a "heavy tool" for the royal family to show its national strength and financial resources. Its specifications are supreme and its value is incomparable. There is a saying in the Tibetan world that "you can't get back one piece of heavy industry famille rose". In the past 50 years, due to various reasons, the craft lost its popularity. 2018 is the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. Jingdezhen asked for opinions from various parties and decided to commemorate this era with the unique royal style of national porcelain, and unanimously decided to select the unique Royal famille rose skills, because only it can show the profound and great achievements of the motherland in the past 40 years of reform and opening up! After three years of hard work, the national color and natural fragrance collection plate, which is created by masters, has excellent craftsmanship, superior quality and amazing creativity! Experts said: "this is a millennium milestone in Jingdezhen, is the peak of new China's porcelain art!"



[collection name]: the special collection plate of "national color and natural fragrance", "water point peach blossom" and "flowers bloom and wealth" by Zhang Songmao

[creative masters]: Zhang Songmao and Xu Yafeng



In 2017, Master Zhang Songmao created a special collection plate of "national color and natural fragrance" again. Based on the pastel porcelain plate painting of "national color and natural fragrance" created by Master Zhang Songmao for the first time, it perfectly presents the porcelain plate painting on the three-dimensional porcelain plate for the first time. The difficulty of technology and the complexity of the picture surpass the porcelain plate painting of "national color and natural fragrance" drawn on the plane!



Zhang Songmao, known as "Zhishan Songmao", was born in Poyang, Jiangxi Province in 1934. He studied under his father Zhang Desheng. Zhang Desheng, one of the eight friends of Zhushan, is the descendant of Liu yucen. His name is widely known in Jingdezhen, the capital of porcelain. He is very talented in fine arts. He learned to draw porcelain at the age of 12, and became a sensation in the porcelain capital at the age of 18.



Xu Yafeng, born in Jingdezhen in April 1940, is a master of Chinese arts and crafts and a master of 7501 Mao porcelain. He is the first generation descendant of "water point peach blossom". His grandfather Xu Zhongnan is a member of "eight friends of Zhushan", a famous porcelain painter in Jingdezhen. His father Xu Tianmei is a famous ceramic artist. In 1951, Xu Yafeng studied Famille Rose Porcelain Painting under the guidance of Liu yucen, one of his uncle's "eight friends of Zhushan". Xu Yafeng has been engaged in ceramic arts and crafts for 63 years. He is good at famille rose, flowers and birds, landscapes and figures. He has absorbed the essence of traditional Chinese painting in art practice, learned the skills of many famous masters, and insisted on sketching and writing, and advocated natural beauty. In January 1994, when the 990th anniversary of Jingdezhen was established, Xu Yafeng's family was awarded the title of "ceramic aristocratic family" by Jingdezhen Municipal Party committee and government.


景德镇是中国四大名镇之一,“ 瓷器之国”的代表和象征,其制瓷历史“始于汉世”,是一个水土宜陶的城镇,在宋代皇帝宋真宗将年号景德赐给景德镇之后,历经元、明、清三代,设置“瓷局”、开设“御窑厂”,成为“工匠来八方、器成天下走”、“村村陶埏,处处窑火”、“天下窑器所聚”的全国制瓷中心。以白瓷为著称,素有“白如玉,明如镜,薄如纸,声郊磐”之称。

Jingdezhen is one of the four famous towns in China“ As a representative and symbol of "the country of porcelain", its porcelain making history "began in the Han Dynasty". It is a town suitable for pottery. After emperor song Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty gave Jingdezhen the title of Jingde, through the yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, it set up a "porcelain Bureau" and set up a "imperial kiln factory", which became "craftsmen come from all over the world, go around the country when the ware is finished", "village pottery ridge, everywhere kiln fire" and "all over the world" ”China's national porcelain manufacturing center. It is famous for white porcelain, known as "white as jade, as bright as mirror, as thin as paper, sound suburban pan".



Palace kiln firing is the decisive factor affecting the price of porcelain. All the official kilns in the past dynasties have been sold for tens of millions of yuan, even hundreds of millions of yuan. The special collection plate of "national color and natural fragrance" is supervised by the official porcelain capital and designed by Zhang Songmao, a master of Chinese arts and crafts. Jingdezhen represents the highest level of contemporary China's porcelain making technology and surpasses any previous dynasties, and is honored as "contemporary official kiln"; Master Zhang Songmao is a national master of ceramics, a king of famille rose and a king of peony. His artistic attainments are unmatched. The combination of official kiln and master can definitely create treasures. The special collection plate of famille rose is expected to surpass the auction record of national treasures of official kilns in the future and set an insurmountable value benchmark in the history of China's porcelain collection.











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